Wednesday, June 4, 2014


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The above mentioned phrase have been clich├ęd with a good number of people not having the slightest knowledge of what it stands for or represents. I did a little research in my 'mind's lab', observed and came up with the following definitions for the power of a woman.

-It leaves a man confused about whom to choose amongst several women. (A lot of men would agree that their judgements get clouded sometimes)

-It makes a student forget that he has got loads of books to read. (Undergraduatenna anyi's knows better or could explain)

-It makes a grown man behave childishly putting aside the fact that he is an adult. (I mean, many a man have found themselves in this position)

-It is that which the advertising industry have taken advantage of in order to sell products ranging from cars, houses, services down to groceries and household items.

-It makes a man walk under the sun even when he would have preferred a shade.

-It turns great men into objects of ridicule. (The former US president who had a problem with his fly could tell you more)

-It makes 5 hours spent with a woman seem like 5 seconds. (Especially when it is a 'just married' situation or when a relationship is still very much new)

-It creates great enmity between supposed inseparable best friends. (Yours truly could attest to this one)

-Sadly, it is that which makes sanity leave a man and then makes him a killer, serial killer or rather go on a shooting spree.

- Also, it is that which could get a man a top job or make him descend from that position.

-It makes men who have taken a vow of celibacy to sometimes think otherwise. (Trust me, e dey hold them sometimes but thank God for grace)

-It makes a man talk gibberish and thinks he is making sense. (Based on toasting level)

-It is that which makes a man spend the last of his money and tells himself "as long as there is life there is hope."

-Funny enough, it makes some men cry when they didn't mean to.

The definitions are inexhaustible and the list could even make up a book if I decide to continue, indeed God works extra hard each time he assembles a woman and so those set of people should be treated with utmost care and respect.



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