Sunday, September 21, 2014


Writers they say are gods who with the aid of their pen and paper, creates characters that come alive, brings scenarios into existence and then try to reconcile art with life. Sometime last year, I wanted to join a writing club and was asked to submit an article with the title 'Why I write'. Some friends have also asked this question severally - "why do you write?"

Below are some reasons why I put pen to paper. 

Writing to me is a form of expression. Rather than speaking those words that could easily be forgotten, I prefer to pen down my thoughts so that they could be referenced later. Some people would argue that when you get to speak of certain things bothering you, you feel good about yourself but for me; when I write about them, it produces the same effect.

I write because there is this feeling of contentment that comes with every article or write-up, a feeling that could be said to make one feel like a god - bringing things into existence. Imagine picking up a blank paper and then penning down your thoughts, stringing words together and at the same time bringing up stories, articles and write-ups that people could reconcile with. 

I write because it gives me joy, it makes me happy when someone tells me that they read my article somewhere and it really made sense. For example, a friend stopped me on the road and used these words: "Vic, how are you? Saw your Article on Nairaland, it had over 30,000 views." Imagine the kind of joy in my heart as a budding writer. The fact that people get to understand my write-up(s), could reconcile with and even feel good about it makes me feel good myself.

Writing puts me in a position to air my views on certain issues as I usually do on my blog, advise and even caution people whom I wouldn't dream of speaking to on a normal day without being interrupted. LOL. I'd admit that the fact that some people can't see you but can hear you from you write-ups makes me happy. That feeling for me is 'très bon'. 

I write because I just have to. It is more like a personal obligation for me, I just have to pick up a pen or my computer and try to string words together because it makes me whole. Those thoughts just have to leave my head and either make someone's day, get another laughing or be a source of information to a third.

Writing for me is a form of relaxation - my yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation and any other relaxation technique you could think of. I write nice poems when I'm depressed sometimes. Penning down a piece leads to more writing as I become more relaxed and productive.

I write because I just have to write, can't really imagine what not writing feels like, I just have to do it because I can't just help but write.

Why do you write? Feel free to leave your answer on the comment box below.


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